Thursday, March 27, 2014

[SOA] Using RDA for SOA Suite

1) Download RDA 8 from the given link (the RDA will contains 2 profiles one for SOA and one for OSB)
2) Rename the current rda folder ($SOA_HOME/rda/rda)
mv $SOA_HOME/rda/rda $SOA_HOME/rda/rdaBAK
3)  Navigate to $SOA_HOME/rda/rda
4) ./ -CRP -p FM11g_SoaMin
5) Press Enter when it prompt asking about the network domain
6) Enter your middleware home (eg: /app/product/env)
7) Just follow the prompt and give input whichever you can or accept the default.
8) Wait for some times and it will promt success

View the Result Output
1) The collected files and output will be in the $SOA_HOME/rda/rda ($RDA_HOME) in a zipped format. Upload this to the Oracle SR.
2) To view the output, copy the output folder under RDA_HOME ($SOA_HOME/rda/rda/output) to your local and open RDA_start.html in a browser.