Wednesday, April 2, 2014

[AIA] AIASessionPoolManager - How to restart SPM

Abbreviation : SPM - SessionPoolManager

Overview step:
1) Login to soa-infra console
2) Terminate SPM
3) Start SPM

Details Step:
1) Login to soa-infra consoole
eg: http://soaIP:soaPort/soa-infra/

2) Search for AIASessionPoolManager and click Test Client. It should be [partition]/AIASessionPoolManager
eg: default/AIASessionPoolManager

3) Choose "Terminate" from the dropdown menu. And insert Username, Password and HostID.

4) Check XML Source and the interface will be changed to XML format

5) Change the MustUnderstand value from 1 to 0

6) Click Invoke

7) Repeat step 3 to 6, but this time choose "Start" from the dropdown (refer step 3)

How to check status of SPM:
1) Repeat step 1 to 6 above, but choose "Status" from the dropdown menu in Step 3


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